Never too late to Start Being a Good Neighbor

neighborhoodI drove 230 miles north yesterday to check out a house in North Idaho. Winter here is real with deep snow, cold and gray monotones; a beauty unto itself. I’ve been putting the visit off for a month now, merely trying to avoid the storms and slick roads. Driving up was uneventful but I clearly noticed that the sky was more and more ominous the further North I drove. I had a feeling my luck was about to change.

No sooner than I arrived, did the sky start dumping snow. It continued on throughout the evening and into the night. Woke up this am with more pretty white snow, on top of an existing 10-24 inches; varying throughout the area. The beautiful white untouched snow soon took on a new meaning; the enemy. With another storm approaching and temps lowering over a period of the next few days, I now had a mission to get the snow removed from critical areas, otherwise, it’ll most likely be there until spring when the ice melts.

First chore was to make paths in the snow for my little dogs so that they could take care of their business, then on to clear the driveway, for which I decided to use the snowblower. Opened the garage, found the snow blower and no gas. I quickly sent a text to my closest neighbor to see if I could borrow and or buy a gallon of regular gas. True to form, he quickly responded and was there in no time with a container of gas. He took over, filled the machine, got it going and wouldn’t let me pay; merely stated that’s a neighborly thing to do.

I then proceeded to spend a few more hours clearing the driveway then moved to the deck that surrounds the house. It easily had 2 feet of snow that needed removing. I found that if I put my head down, focus on nothing but shoveling and not look up, it wasn’t as overwhelming.  A good 2 hours later, 2/3 of the snow removal was done and it was time for a rest, yet by then, the dog trails were again covered so stopped there and cleared the areas. Before going in, decided to check the driveway once again, as it had been snowing all day. Sure enough, it needed to be cleared.

A guardian angel had intervened prior to my arriving at the driveway. A large section of the opening to the driveway had been cleared; a good 3 hour project in itself, if I had done it. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised as well as had a hunch that my greatly appreciated neighbor had struck again. What a true example of walking the walk and treating others as you want to  be treated!!! If we would all do this, what a much better place this world would be ya’ll. I did call my neighbor to thank him, as well as informed him that he had inspired me today and that of kindness was going to be my blog to share with ya’ll.

Please click on the attached file, which lists many good ideas for things we can personally do to become good neighbors!!!

Suggestions for Being a good Neighbor

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