Parents; why are we labeling our children as royalty


royal chldren

Having grown up a tomboy with 2 older brothers, hearing young parents call children (most commonly with little girls) princesses or princes, isn’t what I’d call the best idea. Young children are like sponges and absorb everything presented to them by their surroundings.  They do not have the mental tools in discerning between fantasy and reality in their younger years, so is it a good idea to let them believe something not real.

The temptation to label our cute, young children is very real. They are so sweet and innocent in those early years that only terms of endearment come to mind.Then you have the media, Disney and Dreamworks etc., who make feel good movies of fictional characters that the marketing world expounds upon and creates a sought after personae for your children to follow.  With this in mind, we adults, also being brainwashed, go right along with the concepts.

It’s all well and good but what are the long-term effects secondary to these  implanted mindsets? Do we want our children to be dependent or independent and fully able to take care of themselves? There are many examples in the hollywood scene today, of young girls who grew up being treated like princesses and as a consequence, those affected appear to possess an attitude that they’re more special than everyone else. I’ve personally observed many older girls, in particular, who in their late teens/early twenties, not only think like, but act like princesses. Is this a new abstract behavior of being independent or merely a form of ongoing dependence?

We do want our children to be confident and capable but also want them to be able to get along with people of all walks of life. I would hope to think that as parents, we surround our children with nothing but people of sound and good character as well as independent and compassionate. There are many more characteristics that we would like for our children to possess but bringing them up in a particular mindset more or less closes the door on some of these, such as  the princess attitude vs showing compassion for someone of lesser means. We need to focus on teaching our children skills that will help them down the road.

I do agree that parenting isn’t easy and isn’t cut and dry, but we do need to think long-term about the effects of living in a fictional world vs the real world. Maybe it’s that moderation thing as well as common sense, the older generations speak of. Our goal is to create young ladies and men, who are fully capable of carrying on and surviving in the real world.

It’s really about  being my turn to be a princess ya’ll, especially since I had two older brothers who took that away from me.  Displaying a little humor throughout life is essential! 🙂

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