Pets and the comfort they provide; yes or no for you?

all kind of petsCan you deny that your pets aren’t your favorite and why is that? For me, it’s the fact that they look at you with those endearing eyes, firmly believing that you can do no wrong!! Not to forget to mention that the endearing look might also be related to “I’ll love you if you give me a snack please”. We’ll go with the first thought!

You can have the most horrific day but the moment you see your pet’s affection towards you, evident by their body language and hyper mode (back flips, body spins etc), your daily problems appear a lot less important with one’s change of focus now the pet’s love and attention. Don’t get me wrong, I love my children and grandchildren as well, but there’s something about the peace brought on by pets that don’t talk back/mentally challenge you.

There is the “caring for” side of having a pet; feeding, bathing, vet visits and cleaning up their eliminations, to name a few. They also need to be trained, which is an ongoing process. All of these tasks require one’s efforts and time and you need to be realistic when considering your options. The key to having a pet is to way and measure the negative and positive for you personally. If the negative outweighs the positive, then a pet wouldn’t work for you. Obviously, if the positive outweighs the negative, a pet would be great for you.

I’ve personally grown up with dogs, horses, cats, rabbits, chickens and a cow but only have dogs at this point in my life. I have 2 little Shimas (1/2 shitzu and 1/2 Maltese) while my husband has two Labradors. I don’t know if we did this to fill the empty nest but maybe so. There’s nothing like having greet you throughout the day or quietly sitting by you at night. When away, they’re the first ones we want to see when we get home and vice versa. Our pets personally dread when the suitcases comes out. I actually lost 1 dog one time, only to find her hiding inside of my suitcase; made me think twice about leaving.

I do think we’ll always be pet lovers. It’s up to ya’ll, when deciding as to whether or not to go down that road.  The decision doesn’t have to be made today. Maybe now isn’t a good time for a pet but who knows, maybe when you have children or just want a companion down the road, a pet might be the solution.

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