Pre-Nups; Oxymorons or an option for our Leaders?

Pre nups If you think as to how Pre Nups came into being, you’d never sign one.  Traditional marriage nuptials summarily state “in good times and or bad, until death do you part.” I find this to be an oxymoron. Why do you marry someone with the mutual exchanging of vows/promises, then out of the other side of your mouth or brain, sign a piece of paper that states for example, you will get X amount if you  make it 3 yrs. One is doomed before even starting.

Are we not selling ourselves short when we go into such a relationship? What’s the main basis of the relationship; love, power or money? I find this a very sad situation but then again, maybe some people don’t mind selling their souls/beliefs for the almighty dollar or power.  I was personally asked to sign a pre-nup prior to my marriage and I absolutely refused. What better motive for the one requesting a pre nup than to not have one! Maybe people would have to try harder to make things work, knowing they’d lose something important to them if they didn’t.

The divorce rate between people is ridiculously high. I will agree that being married can be very trying at times but when one steps back and reflects upon situations, the rational mind usually wins. It’s about finding the balance between people and respecting when they need time for themselves. We do grow into one as the bible states, but we also are still individuals with minds of our owns, that need to be free to be exercised.

This is merely Belle’s opinion as usual, but I do believe that we’ve done nothing but create excuses to rationalize our running away, for lack of a better term, instead of putting out effort and working together for the common good. I’m surprised our president and congressional members don’t have a pre nup with one another or with us, the people. Maybe in their case, a pre nup or fines would be good interventions; consequences for not working together or doing their jobs?? What do ya’ll think?

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