Pressures on younger generations

wisdom With the current state of affairs around the world, I so worry about the younger generations. We, the adults, can’t fix the problems in front of us, so how do we expect the younger generations to function as if they have their acts together. The downturned socioeconomic situation has done nothing but taken away the American Dream from the younger age group for now and who knows when that’ll turn around.

Not to sound like a negative monger, but I’m rather tired of all the lip service and lack of action. There’s already a staggering national debt that our younger generations will be paying on for a long time. Today I hear Congress is considering the taxation of the flu and other vaccines. When will our government start using common sense? I hope everyone’s feeling the over regulation/over-reaching of the government into our lives. Where is the voice of the people?

I see why the younger generations; particularly the Y generation have turned liberal in its thinking yet conservative in how they live. They also want the American Dream but are more aware than not, that it is not in their immediate grasps and in their view, the only way to do better is through government involvement. The biggest hurdle in front of them is the socioeconomic issues with no jobs. The same generation in Greece/Europe are facing the same delimma. This generation is more in favor of government intervention yet common sense/ history has shown us that the overspending/entitlements our government has created has done nothing other than cripple the American spirit in its thinking and ways of living. I personally believe its taken away personal initiative to strive for a better world and has created a culture waiting for handouts.

This is not what our country, in particular, was built on. Our forefathers worked hard so that their families would have a better life, as each generation has done so since. They had the freedom to strive without big brother telling them what to do or taking away something they’ve worked hard to earn, save and pass on to others by choice. I do believe a lot of factors have contributed to the current state of affairs, as well as a lack of accountability from many people we’ve chosen as our leaders and trusted to do the right thing. I also believe that each of us should have done a better job of monitoring and holding people accountable.

The Y generation is known for being closer to their parents than the baby boomers, taking more time to get married, watching their frivulous expenditures, taking any job regardless of their education and are known to be better at helping one another. This generation is already demonstrating a lot of good qualities; many of which remind me of the qualities of our grandparents generation. The one big issue I see, that I believe has too much influence on the Y generation, is the internet/WWW. This can be used in moderation so as not to run our lives and probably be okay. Maybe as the Y generation ages, their accumulated wisdom will put things into perspective through reality.

It’s up to all of us to work at straightening things out in our country as well as in the world. We can start within our own homes in how we live on a day-to-day basis. Living more frugally, doing away with excesses, minimizing waste, be accountable for our own actions as well as teach our children to do so and lastly, not living each moment for instant gratification. Good things don’t come without effort and long-lasting self-gratification doesn’t come at the click of a mouse. We need to believe in our fellow-man, work together, give as much or more than what we take, as our forefathers did and we will succeed ya’ll.





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