Respect Must Start In Our Homes

respect 2 No matter where you seem to travel these days, it’s not uncommon to observe people treating one another with some form of disrespect; flipping the bird,defacing another’s property, talking down to another, name calling or talking while someone else is speaking. Sad to say that these, as well as other disrespectful behaviors, are more common than not.

The aforementioned behaviors aren’t specifically related to a particular gender, age, culture or race. They are not observed more in the home than out in public or vice versa. The only group we don’t typically see these behaviors in, is the very young, who are known to be naive as well as loving. So, where do we go wrong? I can’t imagine that the majority of parents in the world allow these behaviors in their households, but then again, if either of the parents in the house demonstrate disrespect towards the other, then, the door of patterning bad behavior is open for that family.

Respect must start at home and practiced by all. There has to be accountability instilled in our children when they do step over the line and partake in any disrespectful behaviors, especially towards one another. Parameters need to be set and when the situation arises, enforced. That doesn’t mean only enforce every now and then, but on every occasion when the rules are broken. Kids are smart and will know instantly if you or your spouse are a push over or not.  There also needs to be consensus between parents on handling of these events as well as consistency in your enforcement of consequences.

The cornerstone of all positive/good relationships is respect, whether personal or work related. If you don’t teach consequences for behavior at home, you’ve missed the chance of an important step in parenting, with your children suffering long-term from the lack of. We want our children to be successful and why not make respect towards one another second nature, so that our children don’t have to struggle with relationships.

We’re talking about the future of our children and no time is better to start than now. If you don’t put out the effort, it will not get done and how do they learn. It’s not about being your child’s best friend but rather that of being their parent. If we don’t teach them when they’re young and impressionable, then what will they have to draw from, when trying to raise their own children. Respect is key if there is to be long-term peace in our families and world. Step forward, be a parent and let’s get on with it ya’ll.



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