Revamping Recipes to Use Up Foods you Already Have

Savannah's soup changed   Copied following Recipe from “MY SWEET SAVANNAH,” located on, which is delicious as is, but I wanted to change it a touch, in order to use up foods I had, increase the volume so can make several meals from recipe this week, as well as altered the nutritional value as much as possible:

Ingredients as posted:                                   **My Changes:

3 (10 3/4 oz cans chicken broth)              **1 bx. 32 oz chicken broth

2 cups water                                        ** 2   1/2 cups water

1/2 c. uncooked wild rice            ** Made 4 cups bistro blend (4 diff grains incl wild rice) in rice cooker

1/2 c finely chopped green onion           **1 c each chopped celery, yellow onion & 1/2 c carrots

1/2 c margarine or butter                          **Same

3/4 c All purpose flour                               **Same

1/2 tsp salt,1/4 tsp poultry seasoning,1/8 tsp pepper  **Change below

2 cups half and half                                      **2  1/2 cups low fat milk

8 slices bacon, crisply cooked and crumbled    **  Same; used thick cut bacon

1 1/2 c cubed or shredded chicken or turkey    **change below

** 1/3 bag chicken wing pieces seasoned with salt/pepper/rosemary/poultry seasoning; unmeasured and enough to lightly coat chicken pieces.

The ORIGINAL RECIPE calls for combining broth and water and adding wild rice and onions, then boiling, reducing heat and simmering for 40-45 mins. ***I CHOSE to cook 4 cups of rinsed Bistro Blend rice (includes barley, wild rice, white rice, wheat berries) in the rice cooker. I’ve found over time that the longer rice sits in a liquid, the more it starts to break down and ingredient become mushy, so like to separate and serve as add on component of the recipe.***

In another saucepan, the ORIGINAL RECIPE asked us to melt the butter, stir in flour and seasonings,cook for 1 minute, stirring constantly until bubbles. ***I CHOSE to do the same except only added a handful of dried rosemary which I crunched in my hand before putting in, and not the other spices as I used them to season the chicken wings which I then browned in a little olive oil on the stove in a small frying pan and placed on plate with paper towels to absorb any extra grease, especially since there is also bacon in this recipe, which has its own grease. Once the butter bubbled, I also added 1 c of chopped onion, 1/2 c chopped carrots and 1 c chopped celery as we like texture in our soups.***

ORIGINAL RECIPE asked to stir in half and half with the butter/flour mixture and cook until slightly thickened, stirring constantly, then add other ingredients and cook on low for approx 1/2 hr. ***I CHOSE to add my broth, water and low-fat milk, stirring constantly until reaching a slow rolling boil then turned down to simmer for 30 minutes; again checking every 5 minute and stirring until slightly thickened. Once  consistency of liquid where I wanted it, I added my chicken wings, bacon and let simmer another 15 minutes, tasting liquid for flavor. Ended up adding a little Tabasco sauce, coarse salt, coarse ground pepper and little more rosemary.***

To serve, I CHOSE to put a ladle of rice blend into a large bowl for better presentation, then poured 2 ladles of soup mixture (including some wing pieces). Delicious!!! What I call a KEEPER Recipe. Thank you Sweet Savannah.


  1. As a newly divorced single mother on a pension, struggling to raise 3 children, I learned from the start to make a meal originally designed to feed 4 stretch to feed 7 or more in a matter of minutes using only what was available in my pantry.
    It’s not that hard to do, one just has to remember to have a pantry stocked with staples such as lentils, rice, couscous and similar and/or plenty of potatoes.

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