Smaller Paychecks–what???

cut in payOnce again, we got what we didn’t want from Congress. No matter how many promises otherwise, the math never ads up and someone has to pay for it. When it boils down, the ones who pay for it are always the people on the bottom. It’s a known fact if one would pay attention to history!  This is what happens when our leaders lips flap and they can’t fit in the shoes to walk the walk. Talk is cheap!

Don’t focus your energies on fighting something you can’t win at this point in time, but rather, get your own ducks in a row. You now need to sit down and decide on where you can make cuts to live on the fact of decreased monies in your paychecks. You can also consider taking on a part-time job, whether starting something yourself or working for others. Learn how to grow a garden, do your own hair, make your own coffee; so many choices. Turn that negative energy into something positive.

I have found a great sight regarding living on tight budgets. My favorite part of this website is that there appears to be some common sense behind the articles. Go check it out ya’ll and decide for yourself.

Site for living on a tight budget with common sense

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