Struggling Economy & Unemployment; why not barter?

Bartering Throughout the ages, some form of bartering has taken place between individuals, in place of monetary exchange, for mutual advantage. In most developed countries today, there exists a bartering system along side the system of monetary exchange. There are also barter exchanges, in which a third party operates as a broker in the handling of the transfers.

If we were to think back a few thousand years, the method of payment was typically demonstrated as the exchanging of goods between people. Cattle and Cowrie shells were early valued barter items. It wasn’t until around 1000 BC that the Chinese started making and using metal money and coins. Bartering predated use of monetary exchange throughout the world.

It’s not uncommon to see bartering among countries, such as Russia exchanging something with the US for international credit. In our country alone, there were 450,000 official businesses in 2010, involved in bartering exchanges. In Greece today, where so many are struggling economically, a system known as TEM as evolved. An individual with a particular service or goods build up their “TEM” in relation to what they have to offer and when they reach certain numbers of, they are able to trade using their TEM. An example would be making jewelry etc for an exchange of one’s child to be able to go to the dentist.

In this day and age, what a better system to incorporate amongst people. You would have your own control vs relying on the current monetary system. This practice would create an incentive for people to come up with some sort of services or goods in order to participate. In other words, it would help people develop their entrepreneurial side. Start a garden, barter with your produce or by products of. Raise chickens-barter with eggs and meat. So many ideas and things that we as humans could do.

Such a system and practice of, would also help the human spirit in feeling good about themselves once again vs sitting on the couch and waiting for the unemployment office to call. It’s a risk but you will never know if it will work for you unless you try. It’s that Effort thing again!! Excellence brought on by Effort to achieve Everything Good!!! What is there to lose ya’ll?  Example of Bartering Exchange Link



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