The full meaning of “Being Frugal”

open closed mindI had submitted a blog to the “frugal” site, about “Respect must Start in our Homes” and low and behold, received 2 negative comments, that basically stated (using inappropriate lingo) that this particular blog had nothing to do with begin frugal.

It told me that people really don’t understand the true meaning of being frugal.  It’s not just about how you live but also how you think. Let’s take Webster’s Dictionary description of frugal for example: prudently saving or sparing; requiring few resources, meager; scanty. Syn. self-denying, chary, provident, careful. If you have an awareness of the big picture of  thinking and living frugally, you will realize that being frugal also encompasses careful planning for the future using foresight.

Taking the aforementioned description into consideration, as well as my blog on “respect must start in our homes,” one should easily be able to see the correlation. With the foresight approach in preparing for the future lives of our children, we must plan ahead and make necessary interventions so that they will be able to survive and live a healthy lifestyle. I was merely sharing my gained knowledge; the good and the bad observations from working with humans in the healthcare Industry, as foresight into the future of what might help make our children’s lives better.

Man per say, does make mistakes and if we as humans, don’t learn from our mistakes and correct them, then we will eventually destroy ourselves. Over reacting and judging is a mere weakness in our genetic makeup and one that will do nothing but create negativism and non productive thinking/behaviors amongst one another. I do hope that people read my blogs, keeping the bigger picture in mind (since I’ve been around longer than most) and give good criticism or discussion when due, which would be more than appreciated.  Negative judgmental comments are destructive, not constructive. We wonder why our world’s in the state it’s currently in?

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