Things YOU CAN STILL Control in your Frugal Lifestyle

frugal lifestyle With the recent cut in our take home pay, we’re all having to shuffle our finances in order to make life work on less. It was something many of us didn’t expect, but is now a realism we have to deal with. We still have the ongoing basic expenses of rent/mortgage, food, utilities, gas, clothing and health insurance, to name a few. As Einstein once said, “Set your goals and not focus on objects or people and you will be happier.”1)Most Importantly, marry your frugality. Don’t be afraid to admit it and live accordingly. The truth will set you free. You will be surprised as to how many others are in the same ballpark, which will most likely lead to new friendships with people you have more in common with and lastly, you will benefit from your new found friends experiences and vice-verse.

2) Rent/Mortgage: Recommend reviewing your signed agreements and see if any avenues of re-negotiating your Rental Agreements secondary to tougher times. If the Economy in the area you live in, is struggling, I’m sure your lessor would much rather have someone in his building vs empty space and trying to find another lessee. If that is the case, then consider writing up a proposal stating you don’t want to leave, but secondary to your cut in pay etc., (whatever the reason) I need to re-negotiate my contract and hope you will be open to my suggestions. In regards to your home mortgages, might want to do your homework, talk to your mortgage holder and see what it would take to re-finance your note to lower the monthly payments.

3) Food: Clip Coupons from local papers/websites etc. Just don’t get caught up in consumerism or deceptive ads; ie buy 10 and get 1 free. Do your homework prior to shopping, on which stores in your area, typically offer the best prices. Don’t forget to check online coupon offers and if interested, there are sites offering samples if you’re willing to take a market surveys or write a critique.

4)Utilities: Another area we’ve seen price increases in. Suggest calling up local service provider and discussing with their financial department. Let them know you’re having difficulty paying and want to know if they have any type of help or assistance available. Again, never hurts to ask. In the meantime, keep any lights off that aren’t being used, dress appropriately for the outside weather; no shorts in the middle of winter for ex, and turn heat down. Close off any rooms that you’re not occupying and don’t need to heat. Turn water heater temperature down. Use economical or green light bulbs and shower heads.

5)Gas/Fuel/Insurance: I’m afraid we’re all at the mercy of the fuel/oil industry. If you can’t afford the gas and happen to live in a metropolitan area, might consider selling your automobile and use public transit. If you don’t have the luxury of a public transit system, sign up for car pooling at work or possibly set up a car pool with friends that live around you. If you drive your own car, call your insurance broker and make sure you’re absolutely getting the best rate you can in accordance to your lifestyle and auto usage.

6)Clothes: There are many discount outlets available these days. If you don’t want to pay their prices, you can also frequent local Good will stores or value villages. Also check your local papers, as there are frequent yard sales with clothing. If someone at work happens to wear the same size, might consider switching wardrobes. If shopping, be sure and check for available online coupons.

There are many available options out there to assist people in their everyday lives and needs. Just takes a little effort ya’ll, with abundant rewards. Give it a try and I’m sure you won’t be sorry. Be sure to network with your friends and they’ll most likely network with you in return.


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