Thoughts on Violence in the Media

shooting movies I just got home from viewing Quenten Tarrantino’s movie, Django. Even with good acting on the parts of some big named actors, I must say I came out of their with a guttural dislike. To think that the current governmental emphasis is against gun owners yet Hollywood is getting away with putting out a 2+hr movie of constant shooting/killing. It was one of the bloodiest and disgusting movies I’ve seen in a long time.

To think that these types of movies have no influence on certain age groups, is absolutely ludicrous. Even the trailers shown prior to the feature film, displayed nothing but a barrage of upcoming movies full of killing people. It’s not just the movie producers, as the marketing empires take the movies to another level with supporting products. When will these people be held accountable? I also viewed an ad on TV tonight, showing big name stars individually expressing their dislike of guns secondary to the horrific killings at Newton Conn., when in fact the majority of the stars portrayed in the ad, had all been in movies shooting guns/killing people. Sure, maybe there were just doing their jobs but they also have a choice to not take that job. When does the hippocracy stop? Its not okay to talk out of both sides of your mouth.

We try to teach our children yes/no and right/wrong but with these abundantly negative influences surrounding us, we’ll never succeed. I remember seeing scary movies as a kid and to this day, they still have an effect on me in certain circumstances. Also, take a look at the long-term effects violence has on the young men/women coming back from war-torn countries. The normal mind is not conditioned for this. So to only believe that the primary emphasis of movies based on shooting/killing people is to produce great emotional experiences, totally disregards the long-term mental outcome/de-sensitizing that occurs with certain age groups and/or people in general.

I believe the only way to keep future Newton Conn. like incidents from happening,  is to at least tighten the current legal regulations towards the violence in the media, that’s doing nothing other than brainwashing our kids and making this type of behavior look acceptable. It’s not okay. I normally keep things in perspective and let things roll off my chest but this is way out of hand. It’s up to you parents/grandparents to more closely monitor what the kids are viewing and to take the time to explain why some shows/movies aren’t to be watched. And, on the other hand, why are we having to pussy foot around the television set, always worried about what shows will show up when we turn the channels. There needs to be more demands put on our paid local leaders, that changes need to be made, in order to better protect our kids.

Hollywood is on a different planet in my viewpoint. The people making these movies full of nothing but bad behavior definitely aren’t living similar lifestyles or promoting good morals for our children, as is the rest of the country. We observe many of the star’s children in the media on a regular basis and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t want my own children to pattern themselves/lifestyles after the majority of them. Hollywood doesn’t care about the average person, but do care where their next dollar is coming from and will do anything to get it.

I guess the best way to start to bring about a change and affect the individuals popularizing this violence, is to hold them accountable by not attending their movies and or not buying their violent video games. If we don’t care then do nothing but I can promise you that the government will not be able to fix it by taking away the freedom of law-abiding gun owners. We all have to step up and say no as well as demand a change. It’s the voice of the people as well as the almighty dollar that hold the power. It’s the future of our children and grandchildren that I’m concerned about and what we’re seeing right now is not good.

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