Top jobs 2013-Matter of opinion?

jobs The latest report from US News lists the top 10 jobs as Dentists, RN’s, Pharmacists, Computer Analysts, Physicians, Database Administrator, Software Developer, Physical Therapist, Web Developer and Dental Hygienist. This is only one entity’s opinion and each and every other report out there has their own list as to what the top jobs are.

Just having come out of the medical profession, I do believe that there are many support or mid level medical positions out there, especially with Obamacare coming into play and more staff needed to handle the incoming population. By support or mid level positions, I’m referring to Nurses, PA’s, Nurse Practitioners, Medical Assistants/Aides, Physical therapists, Pharmacists, Medical Coders/Auditors, EMR (Electronic Medical Record) Assistants (liaisons between IT, medical records and medical personnel); all requiring either medical training courses and/or college level education.

There are positions for physicians and dentists, not so much for solo practitioners but rather positions to plug into standing clinics/hospitals. I personally feel that the day of small medical and dental clinics is on the way out. I do hope I’m wrong but with the way things are changing secondary to increased government intervention, I’m not feeling really positive about this.

There is a large new influx of IT related jobs into the medical and dental world. With the onset of electronic medical records, support is a must as the medical personnel have no time and/or training in this department and can not function if IT systems are to have issues. This is a real need currently being incorporated into most medical facilities and offices.

In another area falling between IT and medicine, people are needed to code medical data into numbers and transmit over the internet to payors. This is an area that has been evolving over the last decade, but with Obamacare coming in, the prior coding system has been discontinued (ICD 9) and the new system (ICD10) is coming in and expected to be implemented soon. Most medical and dental facilities have been undergoing training since 2009 in the new ICD10 codes, which requires more detailed documentation and level of specificity.

The IT world is huge and not as regulated right now, which allows for room to be creative with branching into many fields or occupation. If one has the desire or passion for this area, you can pretty much count on a job once training/education is done.  Only word of advice would be to decide which area or industry you want to work in during your training. If that decision is made early on, you will be more focused in obtaining the most current information, which will give you an added advantage when looking for a job.

Not really sure on what you want to do, but have an idea, recommend linking up with friends or acquaintances to set up job site visits. Observation doesn’t cost anything but time and could give you a better perspective on whether or not a certain industry is your cup of tea. Might even consider obtaining entry-level position or volunteer for a while, just to have a hands on experience and see if you want to invest the time/money for education in a field you’re really not familiar with.

There are jobs out there yet competition is higher with a lot more people looking at the same positions. Do realize that the employers are looking at all levels of training as well as age of those applying. Be creative, volunteer and/or communicate with industry personnel. Don’t give up, be persistent, believe in yourself, as well as stay current on what’s happening in the industry you’re showing interest in. Again, as Belle always states, Excellence brought on by Effort for Everything Good.



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