Viewing Obamacare Changes As Doors Close

side effects obamacare The medical practice I had worked in for over 20 yrs., is but a few days away from closing the doors. Its been almost two months of saying goodbye to patients that have been coming for decades; some families even on their third generation in our practice. We are observing our patients dealing with a new reality secondary to Obamacare, especially in trying to get established with other practitioners in the same field.  Because of the new changes, including but not limited to, increased regulations, increased demands and expense of EMR (electronic medical records,) and decreased reimbursements, practitioners are not able to pick up the slack of medicare patients.

It use to be against the law to practice medicine unless you were a Licensed Medical Doctor., so how is it that the government is now telling practitioners as well as patients, what they can and can’t do. I’m afraid we are headed down the wrong path and have lost a big part of our freedom of choice in the healthcare field. In our own situation, we now have several thousand patients trying to find medicare providers that will take them in. The other providers in our field are also feeling the major impacts and trying to figure out how they’re going to survive and keep their doors open as well. The small healthcare clinics will not survive with costs continuing to rise and reimbursement continuing to be cut.

People who are coming in to get their records, are expressing a deal of concern and are literally scared, as now they are feeling what we’ve been trying to tell them is coming. They are being told by these other providers that they will read their histories and let them know if they will accept them as patients or not. We are but one office closing and the crises created for our patients is so evident. Where are these 30 million additional people Obamacare will be imposing on the current system, going to go? The medical schools aren’t putting out enough doctors/healthcare personnel to be able to touch the surface of the upcoming demands on the system. I’m continuing to see Doctors in other areas of healthcare closing their doors as well. Healthcare will not be more efficient and will definitely cost more; facts not truthfully told to the American people.

It’s very hard watching this whole scenario unfold, as we truly care about our patients. We’ve cut the cord and now these people who literally need help and guidance, are having to fend for themselves, while facing the cold harsh truth of what’s ahead. I so hope that the voice of the people will rise and somehow turn back the clock on a caring industry that we all need for ourselves and our families.


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