Which social media source is best for you?

social media Choices, choices and more choices! Realistically, which social media source do you choose or which is the best bang for the buck? I’ve personally been reviewing most of the media sources out there and will admit that I find them all overwhelming. There is a plethora of information at each source, demonstrated by their own unique design and method of projecting their mission.

Each source has millions of followers from all over the globe who regularly blog on many different topics. Just figuring out how each source operates, as well as finding groups you’re interested in following are feats unto themselves. There are no guaranties of being able to always find others interested in what you have to say on any of the social media sites? It’s almost as if you have to carry on a blog/conversation with yourself to get things started. Kind of like jumping in with both feet.

Each social media source has some form of feedback built-in so that followers can react to your input, such as a Plus sign on google +, points on reggit or pins on pinterest, to name a few. They all have contacts or help in case of an issue you can’t solve by reading what’s posted on the site.  Most sources are relatively user-friendly.

I do find some of the sources more and more complicated to use, as the sites grow; maybe too many layers to figure out?? I personally find that when using too many sources at one time, it can get rather confusing. In summation, it’s basically a matter of doing your homework, reviewing each source and lastly, personal preference as to your choice. Don’t be intimidated ya’ll as it just takes a little effort and practice.


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