Witnessed Order At an International Hunting Show

hunting mtg sci  I personally attended the Safari Club International Show In Reno over the last few days and had a grand time. This group of people to me are the movers and the shakers of the world. The energy level throughout the thousands of attendees from all over the world, was nothing but upbeat. These were the people from around the world, generally making the jobs for the rest of us. Great group and can’t wait to go again!

The impression that stuck with me the most, after several days of attendance/observation, was the site of many grade school children on fields trips throughout the convention center. There were phenomenal taxidermy displays of beautiful animals from all over the world for people to view and take photos of as well as phenomenal artwork of many forms and educational classes on various hunting and associated topics. There were vendors/outfitters from every corner of the globe you could visit with and ask questions. Amazingly, there were gun and bullet manufacturers from all over the globe in attendance as well. People in general were very civil and respectful of one another as well as with one another’s’ properties. This sure wasn’t what the media has recently been putting out there for the general masses to believe.

The responsibility of being a gun owner was taken seriously by the thousands of international hunters in attendance.  These are responsible gun owners who follow the laws, believe in conservation and are giving back in more ways than you can imagine. The arts and traditions being passed down to the younger generations was so evident throughout the event. There were no safety  issues obvious to those of us in attendance. People, including many children, were there to visit as well as learn from each other. I will say that what disappointed me the most, was that there was minimal outside media covering this for the world to see. Sadly, another example of media bias.

This annual event is an excellent example of a large number of people from all over the world, coming together to learn from each other as well as to make sure people’s international hunting/gun rights/conservation and laws are all in order so the freedom to hunt  remains intact for each and every generation around the globe. This organization has been around for decades as well as many others out there. They are all open to any individuals who have a desire to join and be stewards through many different avenues.

We must all be vigilant in making sure our rights are protected and that the information gets out to everyone so that we are an educated society and not one based on fear mongering. There are so many skills to be passed on from our forefathers to the younger and future generations. If we don’t put out the effort to do this, so much wonderful and useful knowledge will merely go to waste and I personally, am committed to not let that happen ya’ll.

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