Women Who Can Do It All

friends helping  Doing it all–Is this a positive or negative compliment, curse, blessing or pure insanity? Being from a generation where we grew up thinking we could do it all, I have one comment to offer on the topic. Why?

The key to even attempting to “do it all,” is being smart and using your head. Why beat yourself up and try to do it all by yourself? I remember those days when working full-time, caring for my family as well as being responsible for the upkeep of my home. Of course, you do have more energy when younger, but, let’s face it, between the aforementioned tasks that most women face daily, there’s a lot of work in only so many hours a day.

Some women are fortunate in being able to hire outside help, but the majority of women do not have that luxury. This is where using your head comes in. Ever consider trading services with friends or extended family members? In my time, I had a close friend who lived nearby. We  were both in the same boat with virtually the same responsibilities. Neither one of us had siblings geographically close, so we decided that we would help one another out through support, as well as splitting of the responsibilities.

Examples of what we did were such as, for one week a month, one of us would be responsible for doubling up on our dinner menus, in order to also provide the other’s family with dinner for that week.  As a consequence, we had 1 week a month where we didn’t have to cook, which allowed the recipient of that week, free time to devote elsewhere.  We also went grocery shopping together; one person had the role of watching the kids and the other, had the freedom to think and shop without interference.

This type of sharing went on into other areas where and when needed, but was particularly helpful to both of us when our children were young and required a deal of attention. Our children are now grown and have children of their own. Those years sharing so much as friends, did nothing other than reinforce our friendship for life!! It also benefited our families in that both sides enjoyed the input; meals and/or close friendships.My friend and I now travel together on occasion with wonderful memories to share as well as will still drop anything when the other has need.

Yes, women, you can do it all, but be smart and not afraid to ask for help ya’ll; be resourceful!


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