Yard-Saling-A Frugal Person’s Paradise

yard saleFridays and Saturdays from spring through Fall, typically demonstrate an over-filled, associated page in the local classifieds pertaining to yard-saling. In addition to the announcements in the local paper, yard sale signs begin popping up on street corners early Friday am, in full view for all passing by, with the primary purpose of catching their attention and drawing them in. It isn’t a wonder that Yard-saling is now considered to be a popular craze for all age groups and genders.

Early Friday around 8am, people beginning pulling up to advertised yard sale sites. The first ones to show are usually those looking for a specific treasure listed in the yard sale ad and they want to be there to have first glance/choice. Not long after, the groups start wandering in and the bartering levels start to heighten. The excitement of finds are heard here and there. Everyone is out to find the best bargain for their hard-earned dollars.

These events are frequented by  many frugal buyers, who are merely looking for things they need, but not willing to pay full price for, just to have the item  in a new box. They are typically looking for treasures at a bargain price; full well knowing what  price range they will consider for various items, before arriving at the sales. A good yard sale will have a diverse, well cared for inventory and with competition levels generally higher at these sites. The only thing topping a good yard sale is an event such as a community or neighborhood yard sale. People holding these events are becoming more and more creative in how they re-invent the yard sale wheel.

The items at a sale are usually low ticket price but it’s not uncommon to see high-end ticket items at some sales, such as a used car, furniture and/or quality tools to name a few. Canning jars, canners, children’s clothing and children’s outdoor toys are sought after items as well. Walking away with a few prized purchases can make the hunt well worth the wait, just knowing that you got what you came for and the amount of money you saved.

The best thing of all is that if you didn’t find what you came for, there is generally another sale just down the road or a whole list of new yard sales in a week. All ya’ll have to do is show up and the hunt starts all over again.

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