Attached Personal Responsibility with taking Prescribed Medications

responsible with medsThis is a big problem in medicine. People present to their Doctors/Emergency Rooms with complaints and/or problems and through the process of diagnosis, treatments are typical prescribed, including taking of necessary medications. Most people are more than happy to take their medications when they don’t feel well but within a few days of taking their prescribed meds, it’s not uncommon for people to quit as they feel that they are healed since they feel better. This is where the problem begins.Don’t assume that you know more than the Doctor who’s studied disease processes for at least a decade. There is a reason for the medication; including the dosage of, as well as the length of time to be taken. Depending on what’s being treated, only taking medications for a short period of time, will most likely cause the targeted organism (if taking an antibiotic for example) to go into a dormant stage, mutate and come back later when conditions are right, as a more virulent strain that will be harder to treat.

I have personally witnessed for years, the difficulty physicians face on a regular basis, of treating acute symptoms in their clinics. Most people respond accordingly to treatment but more and more challenges are surfacing as our populations increase and people become more and more global in their travels. We are all exposed to so much more than in the past when things were simpler and people traveled less. To make matters even more challenging, there are countries where people can purchase medications over the counter without doctor’s orders or prescriptions.

Countries freely dispensing medications, has created a larger problem with more virulent strains of bacteria present in those populations and/or disease processes not being treated properly, secondary to people treating themselves with no medical follow-up. In a lot of cases, where antibiotics are taken (for example) and not indicated, such as when someone has a cold virus, a person merely kills off his normal gut flora with no benefits for the cold virus. There are also medications and foods interactions that need to be verbalized; information you would receive by going to your physicians.

It’s not just antibiotics being miss-used, but all medications. People being treated for acute hypertensive (high BP) quit taking the medication when their BP’s stabilize and return to more normal ranges. Granted, sometime the acute situation may cease after treatment as there was most likely another entity causing the problem, but a lot of cases aren’t as straight forward and are important enough to require continued monitoring.

Another issue currently challenging the medical profession is the required prescribing of tiered medications by insurance companies, before they will indeed pay for the actual medication the physician initially wanted to prescribe. I’ve seen people have to buy 3-4 different medications that didn’t work, then finally, with documentation, the insurance companies okay the first choice medication of the physician.  All this is doing, is complicating medical management and driving up the costs of healthcare.

If medications aren’t taken specifically as indicated, people are gambling with their health. There are also side effects with every medication, that can be significant and if not being followed by your doctor as instructed, how can you expect the medical profession to be responsible, when you in fact are the one not being responsible with your medication. I guess this goes back to my mantra about everyone needing to be accountable for their own behaviors and quit blaming others when they precipitated their own issues.

I can’t emphasize enough, the significance of seeking treatment from a physician and/or appropriate medical personnel when warranted, with recommended treatment and follow-up. Don’t listen to your pharmacist or insurance companies as they are not licensed physicians and haven’t gone through years and years of education/training. Realize that you only have one body and it will never be better than what you came into this world with, so take care of it, so that it can serve ya’ll well.

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