Belle’s Continued blogging on the Unemployment Entitlement Program

entitlement programs  Things are looking up and my faith has been renewed. I finally received a call yesterday, from a real person, who had a few questions re: my claims and once answered, all set to go. Thus far, 3 weeks have gone by but reasonable in that more information had been needed in order to process my claims.

Still applying/searching for job prospects.There are jobs out there, but am noting that many require specificity beyond college degrees of several decades ago, even though have been working all along. In the healthcare field, this might require additional study beyond my degree, if I am to stay in that industry. Working on it.

Just went out to get my daily mail and low and behold, a letter from state unemployment, stating they were still reviewing my claim and that it would be approx 3-5 weeks before I would receive a decision. Since the Unemployment office did call me yesterday and the current letter was mailed the day before that, I will give them the benefit of the doubt, in that all is taken care of, as told me by person on previous day phone call. Will see how efficient they are at documenting and moving things along. More to come…..

Did find several specialty job source sites in my searching that I want to pass on to you:

1)Technical Alliance Group NW–Technical jobs–entry to executive levels; software development, engineering, manufacturing, research and development and more.

2)CoolWorks–Jobs in Parks, Ski Resorts, Ranches, Theme Parks and Tour Companies

3)–Independent Contractors in High Tech Industry

4)–jobs for people with disabilities

5)Monstertrak–Subsidiary of–jobs for college students and recent graduates

6)NetTemps–Online source for temporary jobs

Good Luck to all in your search for jobs!!!

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