Delicious White Chocolate covered Apricots with Pistachio Nut dusting

Choc Apricot Appertif with pistachios  Easy, yummy, delectable finger desserts. If you need something quick and happen to have some dried apricots, white chocolate chips and pistachio nuts, then you’ve got it made!Cut approx 20 apricots in half (lengthwise) and set aside. Melt approx 3/4 C white chocolate in small bowl in microwave for approx 1 minute. At end of 1 minute, stir, drizzle approx 1/4 tsp vegetable oil (to keep chocolate from setting up too quickly) into chocolate and stir well. Put back in microwave for another 30 seconds (until all chips have melted).

While waiting for chocolate to melt in microwave, get out approx 1/4 C pistachio nuts, coarsely grind and set aside. When chocolate ready, dip end of each apricot slice and place on platter (space in between so chocolate doesn’t touch). Once done and before chocolate on apricots completely sets up, sprinkle ground pistachios over all.

Delicious treat for when no one really wants dessert after a large meal yet a little sweet something would just be perfect for sealing the meal.

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