Do you really NEED things OR is it rather a matter of WANTING?

wants needs I so worry about the younger generations and their spending habits. Wherever I go, I see as well as hear younger people conversing about their gotta have’s, what they just bought and/or are going to buy etc. What young person doesn’t have an expensive I phone or Android for example, with expensive ongoing costs to use them? If someone 30 and younger, ever verbalized wanting to save money and I happened to hear it, I just might drop dead out of shock.  Looking at the other extreme of the age spectrum, I see many, many older people struggling to make ends meet and a lot of 70+ year old people working in service type industries. I want all of you younger people to seriously ask yourselves, “do I want to end up working at age 70+?”  If the answer is no, then you have to do some planning and implementation NOW, in order to set you on a course to avoid such a life. I emphasize NOW because it has to become a lifestyle that you must faithfully commit to by making it a daily habit.

Granted, there are events in people’s lives that we can’t plan for, which can be quite devastating and put one on a course that can’t be controlled. Regardless, you have to plan, as well as bet on your odds that what you do now, will get you through those years down the road when frugality becomes the norm. You simply begin by committing and then laying out a realistic plan and/or goals.

If the only thing you and your friends do are based on shopping/wanting/buying, then consider carrying out a serious conversation with them and/or possibly find new friends. Realize that anything you buy today, will be old tomorrow with many more bigger and better things to replace it with. The more you spend on “have to have” items, the more you will feel married to them and not ever be able to get rid of them down the road; even after the items are old and out of date.

I’m not telling you to entirely quit shopping/spending/buying, but to use common sense when considering purchasing something as a WANT vs a NEED. Do you really need it? How much does it cost? How much of my paycheck will it take in comparison to my other set in stone expenses? What will I have to give up to get it? Will this make me continue to want the newest and latest or will it be a one time purchase? Will this make me eternally happy? Do you see older people going through this insane thought process? Of course, our memories aren’t quite as sharp as we age, but realize how much energy one wastes vacillating over such superficial thoughts?

Look around you and note how many other people out there, have so much less and are more concerned with fulfilling basic survival needs, taking care of their families and/or dealing with debilitating diseases and just hoping to feel better. Which behavior is going to leave you feeling good about yourself; buying something considered exceptionally trendy and cool by your superficial friends, or helping someone in need?

When I was younger and more impressionable by superficial things, I would look at people consumed with this type of lifestyle/behavior and noted that their happiness was as fleeting as the happiness generated by their new purchases. I’d also think about Jesus and how he was always more concerned with others, even over himself. It was always about others. Look around at people in your lives whom you consider to be outstanding and ask yourself what it is about them that really stands out? I venture to bet that its their humility, consideration of others over themselves as well as their overall happiness. These types of people typically draw you in with their warm hearts. What phenomenal examples they truly are!

We’re only here on this earth for a short period of time, so why not put out the effort to get our priorities right at a young age? We do need to feel worthwhile as human beings and not just want to be. It only takes efforts, that we’re all totally capable of. Common sense ya’ll!



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