Does it really make a difference when buying something cheap or expensive?

expensive vs cheap    Expensive vs Cheap? Does it really matter? I believe that the times we truly consider the choice is when it relates to our budgets and/or if we really have to have it “yesterday.”  Both Expensive as well as Cheap purchases can be associated with “buying on a whim” as well as having “attached feelings of guilt.” We’d all like to be able to purchase quality items/services but sometimes this just isn’t an option secondary to the price and cheap will suffice, just to have.

Consumerism is a BIG driver when purchasing, for most people. Buying cheap vs expensive can either be a logical or emotional choice as well as both. We all approach our purchasing/buying in our own unique ways and what’s good for one isn’t always the same for another. Ones’ priorities also come into play, especially when operating on tight budgets. This in itself, can determine whether your purchase is of quality and expensive or poorer quality and cheap.

I personally have no qualms with purchasing either quality or cheap items or services, as I have spent a lifetime of choosing between the two; generally depending on my needs and priorities. The thought that crosses my mind now is that everything I bought of quality is still around with the feeling attached that I can’t get rid of this because I paid $ for it. Is this guilt or just plain “I worked too hard to be able to afford this and I”m not going to throw it away”; not realizing that the current value is pretty near the zero mark and ready for give away (if you can even find someone who wants whatever it is.)

Maybe following the trend is a better way to go; generally a cheaper route and once its no longer a trend, easier to get rid of. On the other hand, items of cheaper quality tend to not last as long; sometimes even falling apart before they’ve served their purpose or before you were even ready to throw them out. For those items that do fall apart or break, good luck as most don’t have a warranty or a very short one if any. I must admit that I have also had expensive items that fell apart. Go figure!!! Generally, the seller is more than happy to stand behind the more expensive items as opposed to losing a good customer or getting a bad name.

There truly exists a delimma in regards to cheap vs quality. I just don’t believe there should be any guilt attached but we do need to realize when something has outworn its welcome and needs to be sent on its way.  If it helps your conscience, you can always give to someone, whatever it is that needs to move on, which is a truly worthy cause. If not, it won’t be long before you move into the hoarders category., that is unless you’re a true collector and are buying and selling.  Someone told me years ago, when you bring in something new, something old has to go out!! Good philosophy but can ya’ll do it?


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