Dr. Pete’s Smoked Teriyaki Baby Back Ribs–To Die For!! :)

IMG_0444FFB Drain and dry ribsDry ribs and ready for smokerSmoking ribsWella- ribs are ready

Dr. Pete is a man with a true PASSION for cooking. Even though a medical doctor by trade, he could easily have been a gourmet chef. He’s a man of many talents and someone I will be featuring a lot in my upcoming blogs. He’s a true conservationist who hunts, cooks, gardens, preserves food and knows how to survive–truly a man you want as your neighbor!!!

1)Take ribs out of package, wash/dry then season with salt/pepper/minced garlic and cayenne pepper–lightly unless you’re into the heat/burn. Let set overnight in Tupper wear for seasonings to set.

2)Next am: Make up Marinade for 6 pds pork baby back ribs: 1/2 gallon Teriyaki sauce, 1 Tbl powder ginger, 4 gloves of garlic minced, 5 scallions chopped, 1/2 c white white (optional) and 1/2 c brown sugar if you want your ribs a little sweeter (optional)

3)Place ribs into marinade and make sure they are all covered. Put lid on Tupper wear and place back in refrigerator–making sure to turn or shake (whichever you prefer) every 3-4 hrs for 1/2 day.

4)Next day: Take ribs out of fridge, put in colander in sink and let drain. Once drained, dry off lightly with paper towels. Let set out for 1/2 hr (while your warm up your smoker/BBQ/oven-whatever method you choose, to 250 degrees).

5)Let ribs cook at 250 degrees for 2 hours then turn up heat to 400 degrees and cook for an additional 30 minutes. Once done, put in oven on cookie sheet wrapped in foil for an additional 30 minutes (steam ribs to help tenderize).

Wella!!! You’re now in the class with a BBQ King! Enjoy and try not to lick your fingers!! 🙂


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