Entitlement Programs; have they lost their true purpose?

entitlement programsI know entitlement programs are emotional issues amongst many within our country. I have been on the fence in offering my opinion as I have had no real first hand experience, until now. I’m from the school of thought that you can’t offer an opinion until you’ve worn the shoes and did your homework. I also firmly believe that unless you have the monies to support such programs, they shouldn’t be in existence.I was brought up to work for anything and everything. There were no entitlements in my parents’ household and my siblings and myself, only received what we personally put out the efforts for and consequently earned. Math in our house was straightforward with no fuzziness attached. If we didn’t have the money to buy something and/or if we didn’t really need it, then we didn’t have it. We were brought up on a principle that was simple and user-friendly. There were no gray areas for interpretation or reasons for hiring attorneys.

How did we as a country ever get to the spot we are now in? Should we have required our lawmakers to be math or business majors, rather than political science majors? I find it remarkable that most politicians can look you in the face, say one thing, turn to someone else and say the direct opposite, without  batting an eye. Amazing! I long for and miss the days when you could take a person’s word to the bank. I understand right and wrong, good and bad as well as yes and no, but this gray area stuff, that’s a foreign entity in my mind.

After 35 yrs of working for a spouse’s business that is now closed, I am without a job for the first time in my life. Its good in the sense that all the burdens associated with owning/managing your own business, are gone. The reality of not going to work when I’m not ready or old enough to retire, leaves me feeling like something’s missing and I need to figure it out and fix it; a true problem solver at heart. I have applied for several positions, which is very foreign in itself as I’ve generally been the one to interview others over the last several decades. I’m now having to wear the other shoe and its somewhat unnerving as I have limited amount of associated experience.

In the meantime, I have applied for unemployment, which I never imagined I’d be doing in my lifetime. At first I wasn’t going to but after realizing that I’m paid unemployment insurance for almost 4 decades, I figured I’d at least apply until I obtained another job. The feelings of applying for an entitlement program are bittersweet. I realize the program is in place for a reason, which I’m okay with. I also note that I have a commitment to do weekly; reporting my efforts in finding another job and I’m okay with that as well. The other reason I’m doing this is to find out why this program is not working as designed and currently over-taxing the system.

The goal of learning the system is before me and I will be able to offer my opinion after being a part of the program for a little while. I will report back and let you know my thoughts and I do hope you’ll take the time to comment and fill me in on anything you’ve learned or experienced first hand from the same program. Maybe we, the people, can figure this out for the politicians we hire and who don’t have time to read the bills they sign. Wish me luck as I do ya’ll!

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