Forgiveness; Takes a lifetime to truly understand

forgiveness love Ever find yourself in situations where you’re tasked with deciding to forgive or forget? We all begin our lives being taught the basics, including right and wrong, as well as consequences for invalidation of. Granted, the basics we’re taught are biased, being our parents/extended families’ beliefs/values, but for the most part, pretty typical across the board of families in civilized societies.

Venturing out into life upon leaving our parent’s homes, we all find ourselves in predicaments at times, in which our basic thoughts/values are challenged. It’s not always something we choose, but rather something brought about through association/relationships with others. The initial, precipitated emotions are raw; some strong enough to stop you in your tracks and real enough to provoke a gut wrenching response. Can I forgive or should I merely walk away and forget?

During moments such as depicted, one’s basic core is unnerved. It’s like everything you’ve ever believed in has been devalued/voided and is being challenged; no matter whether created by what you or someone else has done. I personally believe that during moments such as this, one needs to truly examine their thoughts, priorities in life and whether or not your values are truly significant to you. Events such as this are something we all go through at various times in our lives and from which we grow into the person we’re meant to be.

I have always looked to people around me that I truly respected and/or trusted when in dire situations beyond my experiences and pay grade. It wasn’t as if I was looking for an answer from them but merely wanting to hear their wise thoughts and guidance. Religion, for those that believe, is another source for guidance in times of need. I always looked at the fact that God gave his only son up for the sins of mankind. I personally find that thought so hard to totally fathom and/or understand. I surely couldn’t do that. Just the fact that he did, helps me personally to try to stay on the higher road and to look through the riff-raff with clarity.

I have learned that the best thing to do in a personal crises, is to step back, not make rash decisions, talk to those you trust and try to put oneself in the other person’s shoes/life to gain perspective. Sometimes looking through their eyes, helps bring on a totally different meaning or reason for the issues at hand. Not that it validates whatever was done as okay, but it does remind us that we’re all humans, come from many walks of life similar to our own and lastly, that none of us are perfect.

With many decades behind me, I have gained a lot of  knowledge/common sense from life and now realize that a lot of issues I had gone through weren’t quite as important or critical in the big picture, as I had made them out to be. I believe we all eventually learn to realize we’re not the only ones on the planet and the values/beliefs we all possess are real and important to each of us. We’re all equally valid as human beings and we all make mistakes which need to be forgiven. There are exceptions to forgiveness but not as many as we’d like to believe.








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