hurry up and wait  Nothing bothers me more, than people rushing/pushing me to obtain information they want or need to complete transactions etc., then, when you want an immediate answer back, you are given the “I’ll get back to you”- wait. This typically occurs when doing business on the phone, where the perpetrator can hide behind the receiver rather than looking you in the eye, as in person. I used to merely think “are you kidding” when people would tell me they will get right back to me with an answer yet another day would easily go by before “the right back to me” answer occurred. Now, I don’t waste the time thinking, but instead, take action and speak up.This one-sided treatment doesn’t cut it with me. I believe they use to call this type of behavior, ‘bad manners.” Where is the fairness? What happened to the I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine? This pushy/demanding behavior is not acceptable and you don’t have to take it. If someone you have an account with, for example, treats you like this, stop them and tell them their behavior is not acceptable and ask for their supervisor. If someone promised you an answer and you didn’t get it in a timely manner, then call them and report that person. The individual you are requesting to speak to the supervisor about, has to oblige–part of their job. We supposedly live in a civil society!

This does require a little effort or work on your part. You MUST DOCUMENT  to whom you talked to, time, date etc., as well as main points of conversation (including your complaint). Merely call the main number of facility/institution you’re dealing with and ask for supervisor of whomever it was that helped you. After reporting your information, make sure and ask that supervisor to follow-up and let you know the outcome. These institutions have protocols in their business policies on how they are to handle disputes/discrepancies/problems and they have to document, as well as follow-up on these reported issues.

It’s not that I enjoy disputes by any means, but its time for everyone to be accountable. Just because someone is working for a Corporate giant, large Clinic/Firm, etc.,  doesn’t mean they’re excused from treating their clients/people with respect. If we don’t call someone on the carpet for bad behavior, then I guess ya’ll will just have to get use to being treated poorly. Feedback is crucial if you want to see positive results. Don’t be timid and stand up for your rights as a human being.






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