Meaning of Valentine Day

valentine dayThe Feast of St Valentine, according to Wikipedia, is the second most celebrated holiday around the world, second to New Years.Valentine Day, also according to Wikipedia, began as a liturgical celebration for one or more early christian saints, named valentinus, imprisoned for performing wedding for soldiers forbidden to marry as well as ministered to Christians who were persecuted under the Roman Empire.

Valentine Day was first associated with romantic love in circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle ages. By the 15th century, it had evolved into an occasion for lovers to celebrate by exchanging flowers, confections etc.

I remember back many decades ago when I was young and celebrating St. Valentine Day. The school allowed us to bring in valentines for all our classmates and on the actual day, we were allowed to have a party when we exchanged our valentines as well as had some type of treat, such as valentine cookies/juice.  Of course, there was always a favorite person in the room who got the most special valentine from the purchased box. Budding romances in the first grade that were typically changed or forgotten within the week.

Consumerism is a big part of Valentine Day as we all know. Red Hearts  begin popping up everywhere you go, no sooner than the disappearance of all the New Years decorations. I personally look forward to the red color vs the doldrums secondary to monotone of  winter,  as well as having minimal color in our homes once Christmas decorations are put away. Stats from Feb 2012 stated that the average man spent anywhere from $116. (Pittsburgh PA) up to $160. (Phoenix Az) on various gifts for valentine day; validating the attachment of consumerism with this holiday.

Do I even need to mention that many more proposals and marriages take place on valentine day than any other day of the year. I do have one warning in case you’re traveling to Las Vegas NV to be married. This is the only day and only place I ever missed a plane secondary to length of security lines, even with a 2-3 hr check in, prior to the flight. So, beware and plan your day accordingly, knowing that many more love birds have the same agenda in mind.

With the theme of Love in the air, is there a better way to express our affection for mankind? Take the time to spread the warmth, with whatever creative way you choose, to all those special people in your lives as well as those not having anyone to care for them. Happy Valentine Day ya’ll!!!


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