More Side Effects of Obamacare

side effects obamacareWe are all becoming more and more aware of the changes being brought about by Obamacare; the bill Nancy Pelosi instructed Congress to “pass then we’ll know what’s in it.” That is still the most ludicrous statement I think I’ve ever heard in my lifetime. Its kind of like take the test to see what’ in it, rather than read and prepare, then take the test. In my opinion, talk about a lack of accountability and leadership!!

The below article, taken from the Idaho statesman, spells out examples of what the 20-30 year olds will be facing in costs for Obamacare and it isn’t pretty. Why weren’t these facts given to the population prior to the election? Talk about being lead with fallacies. Why is it that we have to be accountable in all walks of life and our leaders don’t; where are the consequences for their bad choices? These are all questions we need to be asking ourselves as a collective and getting some answers, as it is our health and our money.

In the meantime, prepare for what’s coming and realize that it’ll not be anything similar to what we’ve all known healthcare to be in the past. Nothing’s free and Obamacare will slowly unveil itself as to what it really is! Do keep in mind that there will be 30 million additional people using the current healthcare system and common sense tells you that something will give!

More Side effects of Obamacare to you in your 20-30’s LINK

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