Moving and Its Feelings of Being Buried Alive


moving I believe that the closest or most aware I’ve ever been of being buried alive, is when moving. After a week of packing/moving everything from pieces of equipment, furniture on down to paper clips, I finally feel that the dirt has settled in and around me, with the biggest hurdle now being that of  slowly digging my way out of the hole. The first thought that comes to mind is “where do I begin, especially when I have nowhere to put all the acquired stuff from closing our office?” We’ve had a sale, donated, gave away and still have a tremendous amount of things to deal with. We really didn’t realize how much was left until the final move when items in drawers etc. stuck their “remember me” heads out. Boxes are spread between several locations and now begins the process of taking inventory of what’s left and what to do with it.

In my younger years, I never did like moving but it wasn’t uncommon to uproot every few years, especially during those years when attending college or first married. Back then, the possessions were minimal so the task wasn’t as overwhelming. I believe that as we age, we subconsciously start accumulating, as well as saving more. Your abode becomes larger than your college dorm room with abundant cubby holes etc., to put things in; generally out of sight and out of mind. Good example of what consumerism does to humans?

I’ve had to help move elderly people out of their homes over the years and always wondered why they had so much stuff everywhere, especially when they lived such meager lives at that point. Maybe it’s because they worked so hard to buy these things that the values attached made it hard to relinquish. Then there’s the emotionally attached mementos from family and friends that we wouldn’t think to ever part with. This brings to mind the question of how do people in natural disasters/fires deal with having everything disappear at the flash of a moment?

This is awful to say but it almost makes me think that maybe we all need such events to make us wake up and clean out “stuff” we quit wearing or using 10 yrs prior. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone but other than being a contestant on the “hoarders” reality TV show, there has to be a way to avoid this later in life moment of “too much stuff” and what now?

I have known people in my life who lived a minimalist type lifestyle. I personally remember the cleanliness and orderly layout of their homes. My own parents, with 8 kids in tow, lived a frugal existence without a lot of things, yet took care of what they had and kept things neat and tidy. Maybe growing up in such a lifestyle makes one intolerant of “too much stuff”? I find having too many things around me without a place, quite suffocating or stifling. Then, maybe that’s all I need for motivation to get on with the project of organizing and eliminating.

With Spring almost upon us and the beginning of yard and rummage sales in the community, timing just might be in our favor. Now that I’ve had a few days to be overwhelmed, the dust is settling with no new boxes coming in. It will be a new and hopefully, short-lived project that I will attack as usual with the spring cleaning mantra as my goal. For all of those out there in the process of moving, do know that I feel for you and totally understand the emotions/hard work behind it, but also realize that the sun will come out again and peace will return. From here forward, just keep in mind that everything you bring home, has to someday go back out the same door, in someone’s hands!

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