Placing Value on Our Priorities

priorities On what basis do you categorize your priorities? Are decisions related to needs, wants or significance of? What values do you associate with your priorities; time,health,safety, money,frugality, religion,social, aesthetic,morals etc.? Values are considered to be related to our beliefs, which directly affect how we behave as well as what motivates us. I believe that humans of all ages and genders, establish their priorities in accordance to significance and relative value of wants or needs on a daily basis and that we start sub-consciously doing so, at an early age.This matrix of our values and categorization of, can be simple or complex as well as ever-changing. We as humans aren’t disciplined enough to do exactly the same behaviors day in and day out.  Everyone possesses the need to have their basic priorities fulfilled, including but not limited to, food, place to sleep, safety, health and a means to barter with and/or work, in order to obtain items we need or desire.  Some examples of individual priorities of needs; an infant, known to have simple needs, would obviously have a higher priority for food, sleep and safety, whereas, at the other extreme, an elderly person would most likely prioritize needs as safety, food and sleep. Realizing that every individual is unique, the complexity increases in that every human being will categorize the value of the same priorities in different ways on each and every day.

Placing value on one’s priorities doesn’t stop with basic needs, but extends on into all other avenues of life, such as in work, play, shopping, healthcare, religion, social, aesthetics, child rearing; on and on and on. To complicate things even further, socioeconomic issues as well as individual motivation also influence how we place value on our priorities. Someone taking home a large salary will prioritize their efforts and categorize the value of their job as their main focus vs someone in an entry-level job, who would most likely put more emphasis in their efforts to fulfill their basic needs vs valuing or categorizing their low paying  job as their primary focus.

A young mother puts out more effort and prioritizes her child’s needs as her primary value and a young father, more effort and value on his job, knowing he has others to provide for. All of us place different emphasis on the importance and value of our needs as well as how much effort we put out, secondary to influence of our beliefs and surrounding factors. The point to remember is that we are all unique and values that I place on my priorities will not necessarily be the same as the values you place on your priorities. We need to show respect for one another’s priorities, even if we don’t agree, as we’re not in their shoes and don’t know the reasoning behind their choices.  So, before reacting negatively towards someone else’s choices and/or priorities, take a moment to realize that we’re all unique and should have the freedom to responsibly  express who we are and what we do.

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