Retirement-where’s the free time? I do realize that life is about choices but where is that choice we KNOW is affiliated with  retirement? I am realizing that there is the choice to do whatever, but the ingrained responsible side of me tends to gravitate towards the tasks still needing to be accomplished. How does one turn that off?Does it take years to learn to unattach ourselves from having to do tasks or is it so ingrained in some that you never can? If it’s a mere habit, then with time and repetition, you would think one could undo an old habit with a slight change. Who would have ever thought that such a simple choice could be so complicated?

There are  many retired people out there working instead of basking in free time; partially due to necessity but the underlying drive to be responsible and accomplish is still there.  Is the drive automatic or a conscious choice with lots of forethought attached? Could it be that our personality types are the underlying drivers? I’m afraid, that in the end, it merely boils down to  free personal choice, no matter what the underlying cause.

I do see a silver lining in the big picture of retirement for most people. At least you have the option to choose to do something or not, not like when you’re younger and have to do things secondary to so many commitments. The only one you have to answer to in retirement, is yourself; whether that’s a good thing or not. I’ve gone full circle and find myself right back at the beginning–if you want to keep on working or sit and watch the grass grow–merely make a choice ya’ll!!!

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