Self Preservation, Independence, Self Reliance: lost skills or not?

self preservation 2 Self-preservation skills are generated by nothing other than the need, one’s own common sense as well as the associated efforts to fulfill the tasks to survive. This choice of a self-reliant lifestyle brings nothing but attached feelings of accomplishment on a regular basis. People choosing to take care of themselves and their families are typically more concerned with consistency and quality in their daily lives.

Look  back a few generations, in particular, at what comprised Peoples’ thoughts/efforts in how they lived on a daily basis. Their efforts or focus were more so on their families (immediate and extended), as well as their neighbor’s needs when asked, rather than solely on themselves as individuals. This lifestyle choice and behavior was common across the generations. In comparison, look at today’s population with the majority of the younger generations  consumed with individualism. How did we as humans, ever get so off course? Was it the competition to “be me, get rich, be the most beautiful, have the biggest and best,” schemes that started us on our road to confusion? Are we all that gullible in believing that we had to change or else, OR, that we were so much more special than everyone else?

People in the past weren’t known to spend hours in front of the mirror looking at their every nook and cranny, didn’t spend all their money on products to make themselves look like the “hollywood” standard, weren’t seen in public half-naked, as well as didn’t spend money going to courses or psychologists to try to figure out why they felt the way they did. They were more consumed with working and/or doing things themselves as well as helping others. They were much more self-sufficient and reliant than the average person today. You didn’t see them out spending hard-earned monies on toys for themselves and they weren’t typically known to be over consumed with other people’s business.

I personally remember helping my grandparents milk the cows, feed the chickens, pick the apples/pears off the trees, collecting vegetables from the garden, canning food, pasteurizing milk etc. I could go on and on. Each day was pretty much planned out in advance with specific things that needed to be done and which tasks were shared with all involved. These people weren’t in debt up to their eyeballs, lived within their means and were excellent at setting and achieving their goals. What has happened to all those wonderful skills of survival/independence/self-preservation/self-reliance?

Who are the people typically in the forefront during times of disasters? Are they the people consumed with how they look, what they’re driving or how much they make? Generally, the people who are self-sufficient, are the ones who step forward to help take care of or provide for others. I believe that man isn’t always as smart as he thinks he is, especially in regards to poo-pooing being self-sufficient or reliant.

It is not uncommon today, to see everything we need and more, in retail markets on every street corner. Instead of spending time making/preserving things, we are taking those arts/skills for granted by buying everything, only to rush home or off to work to sit in front of computers where minimal self-preservation or self-reliance skills for survival are learned or even needed. I’m not referring to preservation or reliance skills for survival in the business world but skills to survive if all else fails.

The larger the world population, the more demand there will be on anything and everything with a longer wait to get whatever it is that you need. Self preservation/survival skills will even be more valuable if this is the case. With the wealth of knowledge available on the Internet or library, for those non-computer individuals, there is no reason to stop one from embarking upon learning a new skill associated with self-preservation. Why not teach your children the skill as well and incorporate it into your family’s daily lives. What a better gift than to teach your children how to be self-sufficient, self-reliant and independent.  I personally challenge all of ya’ll out there to take the time to learn and share a self-preservation skill from the wise men or women of the past.


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