The Choking Effect of new HIPAA regulations

side effects obamacare Are you kidding?  More regulations? Why is it that physicians are the only ones being over-regulated in association with patient information? What about the legal system? You can sit in court cases without an invite and hear everything about someone with an eventual posting as public information. What about churches when they’re talking about a particular member and their issues? When does over-regulation of humans stop and  common sense start?

How many lawsuits did it take to change our previous way of thinking? Are we as humans unable to be accountable for our own actions? Are we not being held responsible enough for what we do? Is it the “political correctness or feel good society” that’s changed our way of thinking in regards to being accountable? Personally, I feel that if we don’t change now, our world doesn’t have a chance. Whatever the precipitater is, it needs to stop or be changed.

The only surviving organizations/groups that even teach accountability and mean it,  are the military or churches for example, yet they’re even changing. We are humans and being human, it is known that we can be our own worst enemies. We have to have accountability for what we do. Without it, we create a society of low achievers with lack of concern or caring. Why try when it doesn’t matter? What a sad state! How will people ever realize their total potential and reach it without responsible guidance by our society and peers? I personally feel that if we don’t hold people accountable at the basic levels, we will eventually lose common sense as a part of our thinking or/judgment skills.

After spending decades in the medical/dental fields, I don’t ever remember there being many issues in regards to not protecting patient’s privacy. We were mainly concerned with taking care of sick people and getting them well so that they could be function within society. In professional schools, whether medical, dental or nursing for example, maintaining patient privacy was a known given. You are taught that from day one. Has anyone even considered that maybe it’s not the professionals who are leaking patient information and when it does occur, just maybe, it’s not a blatant act?

The new HIPAA requirements, which starts Sept 23, 2013, is now taxing the medical system, which is already at the brink of tipping over with too many regulations, with new requirements on breach notifications and patients’ rights. Maybe if Obamacare’s Electronic health records and exchanging of information via the internet, hadn’t been pushed down everyone’s throats, these HIPAA regulations wouldn’t have been necessary. Where is the money to pay for all this;  reimbursements that decrease annually and costs that keep going up? Why is the government trying to change everything in a major industry overnight? It’s not that the industry can’t change, its more that the changes never stop. Every year, there’s new changes that the industry has to incorporate or consequence of fines.

The people working within the medical industry are becoming paranoid, as they don’t know what’s coming or going with so many changes constantly being thrown at them. The standards of care are also being changed, secondary to a method of measuring now required to be reported, that doesn’t tell the whole patient picture. In my opinion, this data will be used to define future generation’s healthcare, which instead should be as unique as each individual and their actual needs. I’m afraid that medical personnel will become required to treat patients by what is dictated by numbers, rather than what is actually needed. All this is going to do, is stop good people from going into the industry. Over time, I’m afraid the quality of what use to be the best in the world, will cease to exist.

I hope that I’m proved wrong but I’m afraid that what I’m seeing is medicine heading in the wrong direction. We, as the public, who know better, need to stand up for what’s correct. The younger generations don’t have a clue and for them to be non-knowing recipients of such a fiasco, is not right. Wake up people as there are consequences ahead that you will not like. If your voice is heard, maybe changes for the better will be incorporated into saving an industry we all need ya’ll.


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