What is Commitment?

commitment Definition of commitment is the act of engaging, devoting or dedicating oneself to a cause, person, or relationship. What a better day to blog on this than today being Valentine Day! As to why there is a known phobia in regards to commitment, I really believe this saying/act, is nothing but a “cop-out,” as we all commit to things on a regular basis; eating, sleeping, financial arrangements, raising our kids, going to work on a regular basis etc.

The one definition of commitment most of us are familiar with or initially think of, is that related to relationships/marriage. For those who are married through thick and thin, you have a true understanding of the word commitment. It is about conviction, dedication and resolution. I personally refer to this as knowing the good, the bad and the ugly about a person and still being able to accept them as they are and carry on in your relationship.

Commitment today appears to have mutated into a slightly different denotation. I say this in a loose way in that I see so many “out of wedlock” relationships, especially since people are so willing to give themselves away for mere pleasure. We as a society appear to have lost respect for ourselves. I’m not judging by any means, as these are but my observations. Maybe it’s because so many just want to play the field since the inventory is so prevalent. I can’t say I blame people but it’s also sad that we, the civilized beings on the planet, don’t try a little harder to do things according to Hoyle or as taught us by our forefathers.

Regardless of my opinion, there will always be those who readily commit and those who don’t. We all have our own shoes to wear and without wearing one another’s, we don’t have the foggiest idea as to why we all do things the way we do. I just ask that we all put out the effort to try a little harder in being the best person we absolutely can be, knowing full well that the generations after us, are observing and mimicking our behaviors.




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