A Society Living in the Grey zone

shades of grey What ever happened to black and white or yes and no? Have things gotten so complicated that we’re now living in shades of grey? With the increasing numbers in the legal field competing to make a living by creating more and more acceptable reasons for lawsuits, life, in my opinion, has consequently gotten so much more non-user friendly and over-regulated. A few decades back, we were so much more free to pursue our dreams without someone magnifying and analyzing every word that came out of our mouths. Self-accountability was the name of the game and there were consequences if not.

The younger generations will never know the true meaning of freedom but rather, regulated versions of. I guess its okay if you can tolerate living a compartmentalized life; designed and implemented by overseers. Never did we ever conceptualize such an existence while growing up in the 50/60’s. We had freedom to do pretty much anything we could think of; all the while being guided by parents/extended family/teachers.

Baby boomers, as children, were brought up to be responsible as well as accountable for their actions. The overseers back then held the expectation bar high and were not afraid to carry out the consequences when we dropped the ball by being irresponsible. Answers to 99.9% of questions back then were a mere yes or no. Today, answers are anything but clear. As a consequence, no one has a clue as to what the truth really is and how can you duly apply consequences when you can’t tell who’s lying. We’re surrounded and controlled by “spin” and you wonder why everyone’s so confused. I compare this to a room full of children being held responsible for something they did wrong, yet each and every one denying any wrong doing whatsoever.

Maybe its the “feel good” or “politically correct” wording that’s at the base of the confusion. What is so wrong with telling the truth; whether feelings are hurt or not? I personally would much rather someone hurt my feelings than to tell me lies. Whatever happened to “a person is defined by what comes out of his mouth and the walk he walks?” You can’t get a mental picture much clearer than that.

The spin we are all subjected to these days is ongoing and without end. It is rampant amongst our so-called leaders, which I find mentally incompatible as well as unacceptable. Why is it that so many of our politicians in office are attorneys? With this in mind, what are the chances of ever voting in tort reform or limiting frivolous lawsuits that only further muddy the laws and create even more shades of grey. Is it that our government is so complicated that the common man doesn’t even have a chance anymore?

People are so hung up on semantics that they’ll even go back thousands of years to another time and culture, where the application of the word they’re inferring, has the definition they want.  Have we become too smart for our own good or totally off track in reference to the big picture? What ever happened to believing in a ‘person’s honor,’ which is now signified by having your attorney present? What about a ‘person’s word and hand-shake,’ which is now replaced with “here, sign on the dotted line”.

Until the day comes when people are willing to once again being responsible and accountable for themselves, regardless of the issues or consequences, we’ll never return from the grey zone. We have to learn to forgive and forget, realize that there are no guarantees in life for anything and lastly, we’re only here for a short period of time while trying to earn our way to a bigger and better place. No one ever said it would be easy, but we can ALL TRY to make it better.




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