Bad news, not good news, causes our bodies unhealthy stress

bad news Doesn’t matter whose news it is or what the negative news actually is, but when you hear someone mention that they just got bad news, it makes all hearing this, stop and reflect. Maybe our response is a moment of feeling our vulnerability as well as a moment of empathy for others, especially after realizing that this could be you, a friend or a family member.

Over the decades, I, like anyone else, have gone through my share of bad news; whether personal, a family member’s or that of close friends. The closer to home the news, the harder it is to fathom or digest. It does not matter how geographically far away you are from the news, as it still directly affects one’s heart, mind and soul when and wherever the news is heard.

In opposition, the same does not hold true for good news. Think of the times you have heard either positive or good news; whether yours personally or in regards to someone else. There is a brief, generalized feeling or thought related to jubilation;  an uplifting sensation. On the other hand, bad news tends to hit hard with an after effect of anxiety and gut wrenching. Are we more focused on bad news due to a fixation with doom and gloom or is it our natural inborn tendency to assume “fight or flight” for survival?

Negative news typically generates some form of internal stress, which we all know is not good for our health. It’s also a known fact that women, who are more emotion driven, experience more anxiety or stress than men in response to negative news. We can’t control the amounts of negative or bad news surrounding us, but we can control how we deal with it.

The importance of “coping skills” can’t be emphasized enough. Taking negative news and turning it into a positive learning experience can waylay or decrease the effects of stress on our bodies. An example of this would be, new diagnosis of a chronic disease. First step would be to take ownership of. Second step would be to set out and educate oneself about everything there is to know about the disease. Third step would be to turn it around, speak out and educate others afflicted by the same disease. Lastly, if bad news is related to others, you can use your positive energy to be supportive/helpful to those in need.

There is nothing good about the link between stress and our bodies. There are never easy solutions or fixes but at least we have the capability to come up with ways to deal with it.  Of course, you can ignore it but it the long run, it will remain a negative influence that won’t go away. Always best not to be a victim with long-term effects,  but rather own, change it and move on.






need for coping skills when receiving bad news. Is it that we, as a society, try to subconsciously hide bad news?


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