Belle’s #11 Post–Ongoing Search for College Monies


collegeWhile searching for education funding, ran upon the US Dept of Education’s College Affordability and Transparency Center, which in my opinion, is a good tool for students gathering information re: colleges and finances. The Link is listed below for those students starting the search and not knowing which direction to go. It’s a fairly user-friendly site and offers good basic information.

The site offers “Information about costs for students to attend different colleges, how fast costs are going up as well as Information secondary to why costs are going up.” The site is divided into 6 categories:

1)College Scorecard: Search for college that is best fit for your needs.

2)College Navigation: Search that compares college criteria ie costs, majors offered, school size, campus safety and graduate rates.

3)90/10 Information: Search for Non-profit list post secondary institutions that receive 90% of their revenues from Title IV Fed Student Aid.

4)Net Price Calculator Center: Search for links to Colleges to find help in estimating college costs after scholarships and grants.

5)College Affordability and Transparency List: Information about tuition/net prices at post secondary institutions;

a)Institution with high/low tuition and fees

b)Institutions with high/low net prices (attendance minus grants/scholarship aid)

c)Institutions where tuition/fees/net prices are increasing at highest rates

6)State Spending Charts: Summary information on changes in state appropriations for post secondary education, state aid and tuitions/fees.

LINK Govern Dept of Education Affordability & Transparency Cntr.

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