Computer correspondence does not replace Human Interaction

man vs machine Why is it that by the end of the week we’re ready to bust out of our cubicles, whether at home or work, and head outside to visit friends and/or to feel a real connection to the world. Those of us working daily on computers and connected to a virtual world by the internet, typically lack an association with our immediate physical world when doing so. What is it that draws us back to reality; human voices/sounds or the mere human presence we can’t yet replicate on computers?

The minutes, hours, days and weeks come and go like clockwork. We also show up at our jobs, work and leave like clockwork. So predictable, aren’t we? What a better way to liven this existence up than to have a person to inter-digitate with. I can’t speak for anyone other than myself, but I for one, miss having another person around to discuss/bounce ideas off of since my job ended this year when boss retired. I spent so much time in my office away from others for thinking/researching etc., and little did I know how much I would miss the option to open my door and visit and/or for a co-worker to stick their head in the door to say Hi.

There is no way around it, we are truly social animals and in order to thrive, need that human interaction. I really like my computer and the virtual world it has created, but it still doesn’t equal the comfort of having people around to communicate with. Do you ever feel like you’re in a different place when working on your computer; unattached to the reality around you? The best description I can come up with is that when turning on your computer/monitor, a door is opened into the “rabbit hole” and the longer you’re in the hole, the deeper one becomes attached to the virtual world. Maybe I just need more sleep or should hide my Alice in Wonderland book?

Whomever diagnosed people having an “addiction to their computers/internet”, had it right. I personally understand and can’t stress the importance enough, of learning to turn the virtual world off and primarily staying attached to the real world with total human interaction. If we don’t learn to do this, we will do nothing but fool ourselves into thinking our virtual world is the real world, which in my opinion, is comparable to an escape from reality. The mind can trick us into believing whatever it is we want it to believe, so we must be vigilant and honest with ourselves.

For those Sci-fi addicts out there, we don’t need a genetic mutation to occur, as we’re getting too close to being a society of machines. Just a thought!


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