Displacement of our Retired Employees;1 of Society’s greatest assets

RetirementLarge numbers of Baby boomers are either retired or rapidly approaching retirement age. In addition, a larger than reasonable number of baby boomers are taking early retirement secondary to many companies downsizing and/or re-grouping. Even though officially retired, a lot of retirees are struggling trying to make ends meet on fixed incomes, rising taxes and decreased earnings on their lifetime savings.

Wherever I go these days, I run into many retired individuals with too much time on their hands and expressing a lack of meaning in their lives, especially when compared to the responsibilities/jobs they had prior to retirement. This to me is nothing but sad. Here is a large group of perfectly capable human beings possessing a history of qualities under their belts, that the younger generations are still trying to become and/or achieve.

Most of this group have a proven work history, are typically mature and respectful of their peers and authority figures, are better communicators with customers, can see projects through without continuous monitoring, aren’t distracted by family, familiar with technological world and more than happy to be considered as a contributor to a worthy cause. They are capable of functioning as productive team players as well as serving as  team leaders, with their age and experience being  attractions to the younger working peers.

There have been many companies/corporations who have taken the position of hiring retirees for previously mentioned reasons as well as because of the known stability of this age group. There is nothing but a win-win situation for companies when hiring retirees.  In addition to being productive and stable employees, there is also the potential for sharing of skills with the younger employees.

Encouragement by society to incorporate such a phenomenal asset back into active duty, would definitely prove more positive than negative in long-term benefits. It would put displaced yet talented members back into the workforce, as well as add back in the beneficial wisdom of a generation which would otherwise be lost. Why keep re-inventing the wheel when you could be ahead of the game by also directly be learning from the past?


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