Don’t be so Quick at Negating Another Human Being

negating others social media The one thing I dislike that is prevalent on one social media site to any of the others, is how quickly some individuals are at negating other people’s comments, which is rather quite rude when taking social etiquette into consideration.

In  normal face-to-face conversing, people typically ask questions or request additional information if and when a roadblock arises. You don’t see the instant trashing of another human being when there’s a difference of opinion. Maybe its the hiding behind the computer that makes people think they don’t have to use proper etiquette on social media sites vs real life conversations.

People need to realize that no one person’s opinion is the ultimate answer. It’s about discussing topics with an open mind and the challenge of understanding the topic of conversation from all viewpoints. Only through commitment to the conversation and respect for those involved, will conversations ever reach their full potential with benefits to all parties.

It always goes back to the old adage, “treat others as you want to be treated.” Conversing through social media sites is relatively new, when considering the big picture of technology vs communication of mankind. In my opinion, the freedom to express our voice should not be taken for granted and with this in mind, we all need to at least attempt better online etiquette amongst ourselves if we want this privilege to remain a quality entity.

Next time you find yourself engaged in a conversation or blog with someone you don’t see eye-to-eye with, try understanding that person’s viewpoint and/or wearing their shoes/living their life before you’re so quick to negate them as a human being who is your equal. If we all attempt this, we will achieve success in our conversing with others around the world.  If we as individuals don’t put out the effort, then its a matter of time before our great assets are lost.

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