Easy, Tried and True Roasted Potatoes

FFB Roast potatos 5

Simple, tried and true roasted potatoes. Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees. Scrub however many potatoes you need for the number of people you’re serving. Let set in colander and dry or dry with paper towel.  Lightly oil baking pan. Proceed to cutting potatoes into 3rd’s (depends on size of potato–if medium, into 3rd’s and if large, into quarters). Place potatoes into baking dish, then season with garlic, pepper, Hint of Caraway seeds and salt. Spray tops of potatoes lightly with olive oil. Roll potato pieces over and over until lightly covered with both oil and seasonings.

Once oven ready, place dish on top shelf and bake for approx 35-40 minutes (depending on your own individual oven). Recommend checking with knife at approx 30 minutes into baking process. If knife easily pierces through largest potato and potatoes possess a nice golden brown hue, then remove from oven and let sit a few minutes to rest. If knife doesn’t move easily through largest potato, then bake for another 7 minutes or so.

This is one of my favorite ways to eat potatoes served with a nice piece of fish, venison, chicken or beef.

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