FEEDBACK on Social Media Sites CRITICAL for its long-term SURVIVAL

feedback social mediaIt is the responsibility of both bloggers and viewers, to give feedback when using social media sites. We’re all good at posting or viewing but inconsistent in doing both. Our blogging appears to be blind posting with no consistent communication or link between bloggers and/or viewers.  When scrolling through the majority of blogs/comments, it is very obvious that a response is needed, but the majority of blogs are totally ignored. There is no way bloggers on social media sites will ever improve, if feedback isn’t being offered by the viewers.

Blogs posted for primarily entertainment purposes, appear to have the majority of responses/feedback from the viewers as a whole. The feedback on these blogs, is but a few words at most, in addition to a borrowed picture. Why are more viewers not responding to bloggers offering valuable information or content? Is this because no one has time to read or think in addition to their task of typing/blogging? Have social media sites evolved into primarily mindless entertainment/laughs? Don’t take me wrong as humor is good for all in our current stressed out world, but we need to realize that these sites are such a phenomenal vehicle for worldwide resources and information, which can’t be taken lightly.

There are moderators/blog reviewers in most social media sites, which I totally understand now, having been at this for only a short period of time. I totally believe in our constitutional rights to be able to speak out, but I would hope that people would act in a civilized manner and treat these online sites as if we were all sitting in the family/living room visiting/socializing. Maybe this concept doesn’t exist in the virtual world, especially since we can hide behind our computer screens, but realize that over time, there will be consequent effects on communication/socialization; whether good or bad.

A few decades back, this form of social communication was not available. People during those years, had to physically go to community facilities and/or events to be able to socialize with others. Mind you, this was only geographically at a local or regional level and took a lot more effort/organization to undertake. The current social media sites all offer world-wide socialization yet the response I see, in my opinion, is the assumption that it’s not a big deal. This leaves me flabbergasted, especially when I think of all the time, sweat and tears it took so many persistent, intelligent and innovative individuals, to even put this type of system together.

We all need to try to show some true “respect” for the privilege of having social media at our fingertips. If bloggers post information that catches our attention or causes us, the viewers, to click on their links, then we owe them the courtesy of at least a “yay or nay.” Its the “treat others as you want to be treated” thing. If you take the time and/or put out the efforts to research material and blog, its most rewarding as well as humbling, to have people take the time to read and respond; whether negative or positive.

Feedback is a significant motivator for bloggers; giving them direction on how to proceed with improving their next contributions; either by providing more information and/or changing topic, whichever is being requested by their followers. I also chuckle to myself when I type or read the term “followers.”  We actually choose who we are following yet are we really taking the time to follow and contribute. Maybe it should rather say, in all honesty, “I think what you said is cute so I’m clicking on your button now because I have a moment and will most likely not do it again.”

It’s almost as if there’s a competition to see how many followers you can reach, with the least amount of effort. All I can say in response to that is, true rewards only come when you put out the effort to achieve them. If you earn the respect to have someone want to follow you, then you need to step up to the plate and go to work everytime you blog.  If you put out bad material, then you lose followers and respect, or vice versa, if good material.

Maybe we all believe virtual bloggers/followers are nothing but disposable, as opposed to being actual relationships, that require nurturing as well the investment of time in order to improve and offer the highest levels of  mutual satisfaction and/or reward. If we look at social media as such, then eventually the systems will fail. Social Media participants must have feedback to help them innately re-invent, in order to survive. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I as a responsible user, will do my best to display the necessary respect in order for the system to thrive and go on.

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