Garden-Spring preparation continues–Seeds are planted

FFB Greenhouse 4FFB Greenhouse 3FFB Greenhouse 1spring 13 daffodills

For those of you who are familiar with a greenhouse, the warm musty smell is a welcome aroma this time of year and signifies the soon to be seedlings are right around the corner. My father, being a horticulturist, had a commercial greenhouse when I was a child. I have nothing but fond memories of running in and around raised flower beds, chased by ducks (kept around for slug control) and being in the way while Lily bulbs were being packaged and readied to be sent around the globe.

The memory of playing in my dad’s greenhouse seems like yesterday but it is approx. 50 years later, helping my husband with the same process, mind you, on a lot smaller scale. It’s a doable process that takes some preparation, yet gets easier as each year passes and one becomes more experienced. There are many rewards to producing your own crops and with the main benefit being total control over the planting, crop rotation, pest control as well as processing of the treasures.

The attached greenhouse photos are the planted trays of  many varieties of tomatoes, all of which do very well in our arid climate/fertile soil. There has been a total of 65 flats planted; marking every variety with a mere popsicle stick, written on with a permanent black marker. One doesn’t need to rush out and obtain a special tagging system, just pick up a bag of popsicle sticks and a black marker, with minimal costs involved.

The heat is on in the greenhouse. Germination has to be above 60 degrees and our temperature is currently set at 80 degrees. During the day when the sun is out and outside temperatures are between 65-70 degrees (5-10 degrees warmer inside the greenhouse), the door and window in the greenhouse are opened and heat turned off until later in the day when temperatures typically start to drop. This also allows for bees in the area to migrate through.

I end this post with a beautiful yet simple photo of King Alfonso daffodils in full bloom and evident all around the yard! Keep in touch as there is more to come…..


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