Is Accountability a one-sided or mutually expected responsibility?

accountability.jpg3 There is nothing more frustrating than spending time conversing with someone who’s not engaged in the conversation and then has the audacity to turn around and ask you the same information, no more than 5 minutes later!!! AAAGGGHHHH–drives me over the edge, so to speak. Can you tell I’m quite familiar with this?  Not being disrespectful, but I have absolutely no tolerance or patience with disrespect and/or irresponsible behavior. 

With the above in mind, there does appear to be an advantage for some personality types, in communicating via computers. There is lack of eye contact, disengagement of body language and no clues to the other party when not being engaged, as documentation is always there for review. My question to those communicating via computers is, “how do you know if the person on other side of your virtual conversation is actually giving you the time of day or merely blowing you off?” Are bad manners and lack of respect actually communicated in typed conversation or is it something that both media engaged parties leave out of the equation by ignoring?

I have several close friends who typically do their conference calls via skype and/or other virtual meeting softwares. I know they dress professionally from the waist up, yet below the belt, anything goes. Does this type of behavior affect the level of professionalism in the presentation or is it even an issue? I heard via the news (few days ago) that a major corporation was banning the practice of its employees working from home. They had done a study and found that when people showed up to a physical work site daily, their level of productivity was much greater, in that they weren’t as distracted as when working from home. They also had to be more accountable in showing up every day.

Have our communication skills regressed in the virtual world as in the real world? Is this a mere personal issue or a rampant human problem? Like in anything we do, busted–shortcuts are failing us in the accountability department? Maybe it’s merely because those not taking shortcuts, have finally proven their point with enough data presented to the big bosses, that the pendulum is now being reversed. It’s almost as if the accountable, are stepping up to the plate and demanding that everyone else also be held accountable.

If accountability with associated consequences, is starting to be called onto the table, I’m personally all for it. It’s also a matter of everyone being treated fairly–no more blanketed exceptions. There are those who are very responsible and live and work according to Hoyle, but as many on the other hand, who skate by and only put out minimal effort. Just maybe, those days are nearing extinction and change will be to hold all accountable with consequences. No more changing of laws to protect those who don’t need to be protected, but rather exposed. Sad that we have to be this blatant, but some individuals just never learn and the rest of us shouldn’t have to be responsible for their lack of respect or disregard for others. Time to bring the personal responsibility of being accountable back into the equation, no matter whether real or virtual.



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