“Nummy” Easter Cupcakes

FFB lemrasp cakes 2FFB rasplem cakesFFB lemrasp cakes 3My 3-year-old granddaughter happened to be staying with me yesterday and we needed a fun, festive and “nummy” project. What could be easier than cupcakes? We decided to spice themĀ  up a bit by adding lemon flavoring to the batter then once cooked, raspberry filling. My granddaughter told me they were “nummy,” which I interpreted as great!

1 box vanilla flavored yellow cake mix (Plus recommended Add-ins on Box)

1 tsp lemon flavoring

Bake as stated. Let cool overnight (if you have that luxury of time), then with a circular cylinder device (see green one in photo sold at grocery store) remove middle of cupcake, in preparation for raspberry filling. I only punched down 1/2 way into the middle of cupcake, as I didn’t want the filling flowing into the bottom of the cupcake paper/holder. You can use Raspberry jam, Raspberry filling (purchased from local restaurant supply house for nominal fee) or cook down your own Raspberries if you have the resource and make into a Raspberry filing. Put filling (if not in a bag already) in a Ziploc and force the filling into one of the corners, snip the end off (small at first until you determine how fast you want the filling to come out) and fill the holes in the cupcakes. Let sit 5-10 mins then ice cupcakes. I used a white vanilla icing and applied seasonal sprinkles.

My Granddaughter stood on the step-stool and directed me the whole time. Fun and simple project which allowed us to spend time together as well as for me to teach her little tidbits of appropriate wisdom. Enjoy!

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