Ongoing Update on Unemployment Process

entitlement programsLast time I blogged, I had received a phone call from the  Unemployment Office re: a few questions on my application then everything was okayed as a go by the interviewer. Since that time, I received another letter stating I had a waiting period before would receive benefits, which  wasn’t new information and only muddied the waters by creating some confusion. Why the letter?–totally not necessary.

I have heard from others who have applied for benefits over time and they each mentioned that they had re-sent original documentation each time they received one of the “what I call unnecessary letters” and which only set things back in the big picture due to unnecessary exchanging of information created by confusion from the computer generated letters. Good rule of thumb is to not send in anything unless asked.

I did not receive any notifications of actual depositing of benefits, which I find remarkable, especially when considering the unnecessary letters I had received for basic information, that was outlined in their booklet sent out post application. I did find the information online. The whole process of applying, filing claims and obtaining information on benefits can take place online, so why isn’t the system more efficient and streamlined? I realize some people don’t have computer access, therefore the need for calls, mail etc.,  but as to why applying online still generates paper mail vs emails, maybe time for software upgrade with programming changes?

With this in mind, my question is why isn’t the choice to apply online vs by mail, not recorded in our accounts so that the unnecessary letters can be avoided with additional savings of personnel time and postage, which would save the government a deal of money over time. I personally believe it would make more sense to have an email sent when communication (either direction) is necessary to those of us who applied online and on the other hand, a mailed letter to those who didn’t apply online.

There are phone calls secondary to questions re: the process with need for human interaction, but the system is pretty much laid out as user-friendly as can be, so people really need to be more accountable and read the information sent once you’ve applied. I do give credit to the individuals making the calls and helping people with their questions, as they’ve all been helpful, professional and very pleasant to deal with. The phone tree, well, as with all phone trees, I’m not fond of them. I personally think they do nothing other than back up the system by delaying the inevitable.

I also received a letter for a mandatory 3 hour workshop for review of resume and time with a counselor. Will report back once I’ve gone through this process. Stay tuned!

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