Social Intolerances in the Social Media

intolerance Sadness as well as astonishment overtakes me when I view some of the social media postings regarding human in-tolerances.  Advancement in communications via social media, appears to not have improved our abilities to get along. Why is it that we can’t overlook our differences and just get along? Isn’t this what our parents and/or extended families instilled in us at a young age?

The purpose of internal monitoring of social media sites has become quite obvious. Its amazing that we adults can’t keep it together, in order to not have a parental type influence following us around. What happened to accountability? Is it that we are too lazy as beings, to put out the effort of holding ourselves responsible for what we personally choose to do, or, is it that there are no truly enforced consequences?

Do we as adults feel that consequences are beneath us or that “my way is the only way” prevails over all? Do we become socially selfish as we age in our environments and develop an intolerance for others? I don’t know the answer but I do think that if we would be responsible/accountable for our own behaviors, we would improve at getting along. Its not difficult, just takes (Belle’s magical term) EFFORT!

There are many people in the world as we all know, all from different cultures with varied belief systems, which are as true and real to them as mine are to me. As to one belief system being correct and the other not, we can not take away one anothers’ historical and/or personal validation. Look at life through a child’s perspective; so loving and so accepting of one another. Children can look at one another as strangers and are able to form some type of bond through compassion for another being. Why can’t we do that as adults? Where do we go wrong?

Have we become so “smart” that we believe that we know it all, rather than try to find common bonds with others? If we are smart, then bridge the gaps, put yourself in their shoes and try to truthfully raise that person up by validating their life and existence. We all forget that we aren’t the judge but will someday have to meet with him. How we treated one another will be evident in our souls, with no way to hide from it out of shame.

We all know we’re not perfect but we sure can spend our lifetimes trying to improve that fact. Let’s treat our social media  interactions with our fellow man, as if we were face to face and/or eye to eye. We can respectfully agree and disagree, but communicating from the gutter/sewer is not called for, as well as is socially unacceptable. Accountable behavior or let’s instill consequences if not! Life can be so simple if we all tried.


  1. technology has taken away that eye to eye contact so many people feel free to be obnoxius with one another safe behind the computer screen as for attitude we are pidgeon holed from birth into class distinction which in its self breeds arrogance by way of standing or status behind our so called modern society is the 1900s attitude race creed colour religion rich poor we will only change when all these barriers are broken down and we get the ideals back that are surposed to make us human (honour spirit honesty protect the weak help one for the good of all) in order to be progressive and powerful we have taken a huge step backwards in the way we treat each other

    • Great synopsis of the big picture Cliff. Appreciate your input. I agree with you and the only approach I think will work, is for each and every one of us to walk the walk. Waiting for the barriers to come down isn’t something we can bank on and I personally don’t want to wait that long so have chosen to start by setting a better example. Hoping you’ll join me. The younger generations need our help/guidance now.

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