Spring Garden Preparation Continues

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The weather is slowly warming up during the day, yet still freezing at night. The fruit/nut trees are all with buds and some in blossoms, some of which the freeze will definitely do damage to. We will most likely lose some of our apricots and cherries because of it. The weather and tree blossoms are always a gamble at this time of year.

Normally, our small greenhouse is cleaned up, soil purchased, heaters on and planting trays lined up with peat cups, to begin planting seeds but with the cold start, the process is behind approximately a month. Each year is unique unto itself, so as to worry about being ahead or behind in the preparation process, it’s not an issue we can control.

The seeds had all been ordered or purchased in the last 1-2 months with the majority delivered. It’s important to make sure the seeds are new in order to better the chance of success in producing seedlings. The seeds left over from last year are also used but are marked accordingly, so that we have an idea if seedlings aren’t generated, its most likely secondary to age vs other issues.

Planting seeds is a fantastic biological wonder for your children to take part in and observe mother nature do her magic. It also passes “plants the seed” (little pun) in their minds as a potential skill they can use down the road for their survival. We have personally witnessed this occur in our own as well as in many teenagers turned adults, who have worked with us over the years. The more we share and teach our children, the better their lives will be and the greater their chances of survival. Keep posted for more to come…..

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