Spring is upon us–are you feeling it?

spring March 21st is the ‘beginning of the new,’ all over again!! It so happens to be my most favorite season of the year!! Don’t take me wrong as I like all the seasons, but am especially fond of spring. After 3 months of being rather dormant, feeling cold and locked in, the bear in me wants out and is more than happy to welcome the beams of sunlight on my face and body! 

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the ‘4 seasons are determined by shifting sunlight, which is determined by how our planet orbits the sun and the tilt earth’s axis. The first day of spring or Vernal Equinox is the beginning of equal day/night hours in the Northern Hemisphere. The sun crosses the celestial equator going north and rises exactly due east and sets exactly due west.’ Links below to the Farmer’s Almanac and its wealth of information.

The signs of spring are slowly sprouting up all around. Hours of daylight are lengthening, temperatures are warming with rain showers and intermixed hail,  flowers appearing, more birds evident, as well as new growth on all the trees. For some, the first sign is merely the disappearance of ice/snow. Another clue that something significant is happening, is that more and more people are out and about.

The garden and yard are now the focal points of most households. It’s about cleaning up after winter; washing off the dirt, cleaning out the old plants/debris from last fall, as well as picking up the leaves etc. Once the clean up is done, then the preparation for the new growing season cycle starts. The list of chores begins with tasks of testing our outdoor watering systems, pruning, fertilizing and composting of soil and turf, spraying trees, dividing overgrown plants and cleaning up the greenhouse for the planting of the seeds.

It’s not as bad as it sounds secondary to the visual teasing of what’s to come; namely with the appearance of flora and fauna everywhere. It is wonderful seeing color back in mother nature’s cheeks once again. In addition to the obvious physical changes all around, there is also the birth of animals, as well as preparation for the re-birth of Christianity with Easter close at hand.It truly is a period of re-birth for man and mother earth, with the appearance of ‘renewal’ all around us.


LINK to pruning guide-Farmers almanac

LINK to Frost chart-Farmers Almanac

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